Full Version: The movement inside a watch does not matter
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I honestly wonder at times what the obsession is with movements. Does it really matter how time is kept if it is done accurately? So therefore:
Well, what about reliability? Can it be easily serviceable?
You are asking this of us? WIS the bunch of them! Me included of course, so I do care (as it always affects design).
What about longevity? Servicing should be possible no?
Agreeing with JC here. Quality is not the same as accuracy. Also, High beat is preferable and a mulititude of other improvements...
All of the above, from these wise guys - ahem... Well, to me it matters.
Of course it does, I had a replica watch with a movement that was actually dirty. Had to have it serviced.
Well now, the thinner the movement the thinner the watch - there... it matters!
Form has to follow function - it shows in well designed watches...