Full Version: Guinand Pilot Chronograph 40.50.08L
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Lefthanded German chronograph.
Pushers and crown won't push into your hand!


Nice watch, reminiscent of the Damasko eh?
I have seen quite a few watches from you JPF. How many would you say you have?
About 40 watches. But I also sold about 50 watches in 2016/2017.
Wow JP, you are really into it - is it a hobby to you or is it more by now? And would you say it is overwhelmingly Seiko? (I did notice of course Vostok & Maranez)
It is a hobby. I sold almost all my modern watches (Sinn, Damasko, Stowa etc.) to finance my vintage Seiko collection.
I admit I went a little too far with collecting vintage Seiko.
Disagreeing here... These beauties must be preserved somewhere and by someone, no? I view them as art and jewelry at the same time.