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Great pics gents - inspiring.
(09-11-2017, 07:17 PM)LondonBoy Wrote: [ -> ]Personally I like this mod... Crystaltimes DD sapphire, Dagaz second hand, Bonetto flat vent.

Thanks for the tip, I will try that Bonetto vent strap.
I am quite enamored by this turtle - the "Captain Willard".

(08-03-2017, 10:58 PM)Handsdown Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-03-2017, 08:09 PM)Alfaman Wrote: [ -> ]Better than the SKX009 - even though I have got that one too.. The turtle is less top heavy because it is not as narrow, it sits like a (small) dinner plate on your wrist.

It is... and the bezel action is vastly improved over the SKX series.

Well, I wouldn't say "vastly". In my book they are about the same. Don't underestimate the SKX. I will give you that they are a bit top heavy. Just a bit...
Yes, give me the old Turtle case design any time. But these are getting expensive.
My Blue Turtle

That is a very nice shot, but so is mine...

That Paid remains one of the best looking Turtles - combining classic bezel styling with sunburst blue dial..
How about this Turtle then? Surrounding do change the impression of this watch - even though it has been shown before in this thread.

Let me introduce a Turtle with a CT75 Mother Of All Domes from Crystal Times - aka bubble dome sapphire...

Very cool sapphire - I may just get that for my collection...

A very nice green Turtle

You buy and sell watches, but some just stick around for some mysterious reason. My turtle is one of them. It looks great on a Seiko Flat Vent.

(10-16-2017, 07:48 PM)Watchout Wrote: [ -> ]My Blue Turtle

By the way, that one is on a Strapcode Super Jubilee - looking insane there!
Spotted this strap for the Turtle... right here if you want to buy it..


For me it is too long 8 & 12 cm - really?
Got the blue stitch B&R Bands water proof strap 


@Americandad is correct in that it is a bit long... Still satisfied though, just not suitable for under the cuff.
That seems a worthy strap, but I prefer the vintage options. These straps are not made any more but replica's do exist of course. After seeing some aftermarket "replacements" (if you can call them that), I ordered a DAL1BP, and I find it to be a suitable replacement. The rubber is really supple, not the chafing, obstinate plastic that the aftermarket parts are made out of.

As I have not seen a direct comparison while searching for the best replacement, I wanted to share some pictures with you. I'd suggest buying direct from Seiya on the web. Not the cheapest, but they are legit. There's a lot of DAL1BP straps out there, even with lookalike packaging. Also be aware that some sites with pics of the DAL1BP send a different Seiko flat vent with the chintzy buckle. Seiya is the best choice.

I got the DAL1BP to and glad I did. It's already a comfortable strap but I boiled mine to mold a curvature and it wraps nicely and the tail tucks in better. So glad that seiko still makes it, the best strap for the Turtle imo.
I have tried a few different straps, as my original GL831 is already slightly cracked. None of them really suited the watch as well as the original. I had already looked at Z22's etc, but didn't think Seiko would actually make an almost identical replacement to the old GL. 

I also ended up ordering from Seiya. Based on some quick googling the price was in line with other providers. Didn't look at eBay though.
I put mine on a small sauce bowl and hold it in place with tooth picks then pour boiling water on it. I let it set for a couple minutes and dump the water then repeat a few times, the last time just let it set and cool off. I learned the hard way to do it this way, as the first time I actually submerged this little bowl inside a larger pot filled with water and boiled. This can put shiny surfaces on the strap where it presses against the ceramic.
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