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Spotted this forum before any of you apparently, so I will post my Sinn Hydro UX first - enjoy!

Ok, here is mine Sinn 142:

Black and white Sinn

Another Hydro UX, such great watches!

Well, there is another Sinn in my collection.

This one is a bit different guys

My own Sinn

Sinn 103 on the wrist

My white Sinn - get it..?

Ah! Finally I belong - I just junked my Sinn in the All divers forum lol.

A nice Sinn Chrono, it will certainly not be my last. So many gorgeous watches in this thread.

Dark and beautiful..

Sinn Flieger

Here is my Sinn U1


(10-05-2017, 09:34 PM)Hank99 Wrote: [ -> ]Sinn Flieger

That is a great Sinn chrono Hank!
Sinn Titanium

Sinn UX all in red

My Sinn Einsatzzeitmesser.. Such a great German name lol

Sinn Aviation

Sinn U212

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