Full Version: Rolex Reminiscence Thread
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Hey guys, strangely this thread is missing. But I do want see all your Rolexes of the past and present. People seems to think that Rolexes are limited to certain models and variations, but is my contention that this brand offers as much variety as any other brand...

Here is mine - the Rolex Hulk. Not my best shot, but good enough I think.

Good on you mate! Don't know why I said that, maybe to counterbalance my high strung nature? However, here it is, my Air-King.

My Rolex Datejust - very classy..

I have got one too - one can already see the variations eh..

The Daytona - almost afraid to wear it lol.


White dial is less popular, but that made it easier for me to buy it!

Another Daytona ..


Explorer II? White dial? Check. I like it...

Vintage now gents - my Rolex Precision

Finally a sub!

Amen to that!

Vintage again - maybe even better than modern?

Subs are everywhere though - right?

Damn right lol - here is mine

Vintage is here - great watch

Here is mine guys...

Another Rolex Hulk guys..

Guess what color the dial has?

My Rolex Datejust, just great!

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