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Thanks admin, I really needed this thread. Well, here is my chrono, it is a bit out there but that is why I requested a thread like this. Let us see all those micro brands!

This one would qualify certainly, if you are looking for "out there". My Casio Frogman!

This one qualifies also...

This one?

They should be doing chinese numerals, or don't they exist...?
There you go, a Citizen Bullhead....

Rallye Special - yes that is how it is spelled. Intriguing no?

Wel, here is mine - a Lanco

My Dugena should be in here...

@Hamiltonian that is a beautiful watch! Really a Bauhaus design in my book.
@Addictionist I could not agree more, I believe there is a thread dedicated to tit?
Jaragar.... No I do not have a cold.. It is Chinese.

This Seiko Bullhead (new edition) certainly qualifies...

Leuba Genève... Great patina!

(12-11-2017, 03:07 PM)Collectionist Wrote: [ -> ]This one qualifies also...

That watch is a grail to me - what a beauty! Very expensive, impossible to find! Damn.
What about a Mido Commander? Great watch in my book.

This one is special - to me anyway..

Here is another one, my Centaur

My Seiko Jumbo...

Here is my White Helmet - it is a big watch to wear!

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