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Expert (buying) advice on the Omega Automatic - Collectionist - 05-31-2017

The Omega Automatic 2897, caliber 491, no date, small seconds, will cost on average between 300 and 1500 USD, depending on condition and materials used - stainless steel or solid yellow or rosé gold. 18k gold stamps should be on the lugs and the crown should be signed with the Omega symbol. The 19 jewel movement has the stamp as well of course.
There are of course different models to be found, with plain markers or arabic, stepped seconds dial, pie pan like dial (two tone color) and such; even other product lines can be found with this movement. This is were it gets confusing, is the Omega Seamaster then, with this caliber 491 and small seconds the better deal? Well, it all depends really on personal preference and styling, Seamasters are less dressy and slightly bigger, case material can be different too. Still a Seamaster with this movement is relatively rare.

Do not forget about the quality of the leather band, as sellers often tend to factor that in - usually without merit. Automatic does not mean more expensive as hand wound movements tend to be more robust...