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6m25 dancing hands the seiko

The Seiko Dancing Hands 6M25
Time for a writeup of the caliber 6M25 as there are not too many resources on it. This caliber from 1988 comes in several designs, black (-6040), all gold (-7020,) two-tone (-6000), simple steel grey (-6040) and white (-6050). The two-tones are with dark blue dial (-6000), blue dial/red accents (-6039), just blue (-6040) and the white dial Olympic (-6050). There is also an all gold plated watch with sea-green dial/red accents, with all gold sub-dial (-6069). Accents on the dial can be in gold or red for the sub-dial indicator - the "Yankee" - and applied indices with white lumen. Finally some have the indication Sports 150 on the dial, indicating that the bezel can rotate unidirectionally.


This watch is marketed by Seiko as “Olympic", the “Intelligent quartz” or the “Intelligent calendar", with no less than 7 features. For starters, all three hands are independently movable (so don’t worry). When in Time mode for instance - on the sub dial the indicator should bracket “Time” - the demo mode can be activated by depressing both pushers for 2 seconds to start "dancing hands”. All three hands are independently moved all over the dial and this mode stops after 2 min for the battery save or when the 10 o’clock pusher is depressed.
Other functions are a 1/10 sec. chronograph, alarm, countdown timer, pointer calendar - all operated through rotating the crown (no need to pull it out) and the two pushers.


Functions are displayed on the sub dial at 6 o clock, activated by turning the crown - clockwise or counter clockwise:
Time mode: shows regular time, it can be set when crown is pulled and the 10 o’clock pusher is depressed (for minutes), the seconds hand hacks to zero so time can be set precisely. The 8 o’clock pusher is used to set the hours.
Chrono mode: turn the crown counter clockwise and all three hands set to zero (if not read Reset chrono after battery change), when started by upper button, seconds hand "sweeps" back and forth between 12 and 1 o clock, showing 1/10 second intervals, hour and minute hand indicate seconds and minutes
Month/date mode: all three hands point the month of the year, shown on edge of dial
Timer mode: hands can be set to countdown
Set alarm mode: hands can be set to the alarm time
Alarm on mode: alarm is active, deactivated by any buttons

Reset chrono after battery change (complete circuit reset)
If the chrono does not reset to 12 o’clock it is probably after a battery change. The chrono needs a reset like this:
  • Turn the crown to indicate Chrono on the sub dial
  • Pull out the crown to first click
  • Press both pushbuttons at the same time for two seconds; the hour an minute hands start moving counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. The seconds hand moves back and forth
  • Press button A or B to stop the hands
  • Press button A to select the hand to be adjusted, it moves back and forth when selected. It is on a hair trigger so watch it, you can end up with the date selected before you know it (which will advance one day and back again to indicate selection)
  • Press button B to reset the selected hand to 12 o'clock, the date would reset to 1 (hands and date move quickly when B is kept depressed)
  • When finished push the crown back
On a more personal note, the 6M25-6000 pictured above was my father's, it was given back to me by my brother who had it stored in a drawer. Just like my dad by the way, who had a nickel allergy. So, it had been dormant for 23 years before I cleaned it up and replaced the battery. Removed some corrosion and it just runs as new - hands dancing once more.. Great brand, Seiko. And that is why I collect vintage.

All other pictures nicked from the web!
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
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Nice write up admin. Always a special thing if it was your father's watch.
Those are actually pretty classy dials, these watches retailed for something like 800 euro.
Yeah, there are just too many watches to buy.
If only they were not so much duotone... I usually find that tacky.

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