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tritium the ultimate dievas watch

The ultimate tritium watch: Dievas
This watch is a great value for money, don't forget that tritium tubes cost about 10 USD each.... 

The discontinued Dievas Divegraph used to have a total of 15 tritium tubes to illuminate the dial, the hour, minute and second hands. It uses the top of the line GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) made by Swiss company MB-microtec’s trigalight technology. Founded in 2006 Dievas has collaborated with military personnel and field operatives in the design of their Tritium watches. They came equipped with the Miyota automatic movement (due to its robustness) and have a water resistance rating of 300m. Price is about $340.
Sadly, Dievas no longer produces tritium watches - even so the price went up. Now, who gets to profit here?


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