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reactor tritium the ultimate watch

The ultimate tritium watch: Reactor
Well, this brand seems a bit gimmicky with their Never Dark system (patented), the fact of which they plaster on their dials big time right below the very present brand logo. One wonders how this system works - because that is what a system does right? Work. 
It does not "work", let me tell you that, they just combine superluminova and tritium vials on the dials. They spin this to their hart's content, including graphs and photos, to state the mere obvious... that it's a good idea. So end of story right - it is a great watch? Unfortunately no, it is not - the end of it I mean. You see, this is a childish watch with childish marketing. Do we really need to see the tactical bs? A military type holding a rifle showing the watch? Do we need all the action men platitudes?
And for all that, the tritium vials have been applied too sparingly and the paint has been lathered on. Worse, they have fitted these protruding screws - torque of course... because you know that's the tech thing to do - you do have your torque screwdriver with you in your outdoorsman pocket knife? Right. Didn't think so.
All kidding aside, these screws will just wreak havoc on your shirts as they will continually snag. I am wondering too if it is at all possible to fit a strap because of this.. But these things might not worry you in the slightest when you are drowning while kayaking because your watch snagged on a piece of equipement. Of course, by now you want to know how much you need to pay for this all man's watch? It is just 500 USD. There are other options though, starting with 300 USD..

You must be kidding me? 500 USD for that? I can see all sorts of quality control issues in that photo, just look at the 2 in the 12 o'clock marker... it is crooked!

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