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vostok tritium the ultimate watch

The ultimate tritium watch: Vostok
Now this is where it gets interesting, Vostok with tritium? Who knew. It is the Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster...


Taking its name from the world's greatest ekranoplan, or airplane/hovercraft hybrid, this watch is built for two things: water and speed. Built in a limited edition sport diver style, this watch is the one for high-speed chases on the high seas. Or, you know, a boardroom meeting. This watch is a numbered limited edition.

Product Details

Colors Green
Materials Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Measurements 48mm case
— Sport Diver 
— Automatic 2432 Vostok Russian Movement 
— 32 Jewels 
— Manual Winding Option 
— Main daily rate from -10 to +30 s/day 
— Date at 6 O'clock Position 
— Hardened Mineral Crystal 
— Uni-directional rotating bezel 
— 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Case w/ Rose Gold PVD Finishing 
— Numbered Limited Edition 
— 17 Trigalight Micro Tritium Tubes on the Dial and Hands 
— Thick leather strap with deployment clasp + silicon strap 
— 20 ATM 
— True numbered limited edition of only 3000 per dial

But, there are other Vostoks with tritium, they won't come cheap though, starting with 549 USD. Check it out:

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I there I was, thinking that Russian watches were always cheap - not.

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