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amp tritium wesson the ultimate smith watch

The ultimate tritium watch: Smith & Wesson
The Smith & Wesson Tritium Dive Watch SWW-900-OR is a bit of an oddball, you can find them on ebay (sold by a guy named Knifeguy - hilarious) and amazon and at other odd places.


Some of their watches are clearly rip offs, outfitted with cheap quartz innards. It resembles the Ball Aviator.

That last one is called - wait for it - the Smith & Wesson SWW-GRH-1 Mumbai Lamplighter Watch. Lol. Now let us digest this, what does this mean? It sounds cheap right? Right! It is cheap.. Paying just 97 USD you get it shipped for free to your doorstep. The specs are fairly humdrum:

Water resistant to 100-meters (330-feet)
Scratch resistant hardened mineral glass
Features precision quartz Japanese component movement
Includes (3) hands to show the hours, minutes and seconds
Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
A strange watch brand, that... Accurately felt.

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