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traser tritium the ultimate watch

The ultimate tritium watch: Traser
Better response on post <span class="highlight" style="padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px;">The</span> ultimate tritium watch: TraserThe Traser GWS G10 Pro Diver looks to be a rugged watch that can take a beating. This watch is part of a range of models based on the G10 that has been standard issue to the British Army for many years. This watch keeps the matte Stainless Steel case but adds an ultra strong Sapphire crystal glass and rated to 200m water resistance due to the screw down crown. You can choose for green or blue tritium; apparently, green is always better visible to the human eye. This watch is just right for many at 40mm and a downright steal as far as I am concerned, for just 245 euro it is yours.

Movement: Ronda 715
Case: Stainless Steel (matt finish)
Crystal: Sapphire
Diameter: 40mm
Depth: 12mm
Weight: 64g
Water resistance: 200m

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The Traser P5900 Type 3 is just one from the line up of that brand. Military of course.


Movement: Ronda 505
Case: Polaymide
Bezel: Stainless Steel (Not Rotating)
Crystal: Mineral
Diameter: 37mm
Depth: 10mm
Weight: 41g
Water resistance: 30m / 99 ft

They can be found here by the way http://www.militarywatchshop.co.uk/watch...-pro-diver (no I am not affiliated, it's just that these tritium watches can be hard to find).

By the way, you can find this review on youtube on the GWS Pro Diver:
Great thread! Traser it is, simple and understated, yet very legible. What more can one want?

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