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tritium the ultimate watch pollmann

The ultimate tritium watch: Pollmann
A German watch
Better response on post <span class="highlight" style="padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px;">The</span> ultimate tritium watch: PollmannThis may be the very cheapest watch of fair quality (40 euro with free shipping). It is a German, with the case measuring a nice 42mm. It can be found at amazon.de. I don't imagine it has a sapphire crystal though.
Pollmann, I read, has a tradition of more than a hundred years in the development and manufacture of innovative precision products. The company was founded in 1888 by Franz Pollmann as a crafts company for the production of precision mechanics and watches in Karlstein (Waldviertel, Lower Austria). Watches are not even their core business. Even worse... they are not producing watches any more after more than a hundred years of history. Might be worth picking one up while you can...


This one below is 60 euro...

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It is German, hmmm... meaning it can't be all that bad? For that price I just might give it try. Quality wise it looks good.
Agreed. Looks mighty tempting, especially for European buyers.
Well, I will look that one up for sure. I think these tritium watches warrant a bit more attention..

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