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perfect the features watch

The perfect watch features..
Better response on post <span class="highlight" style="padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px;">The</span> perfect watch features..Well, there we go gentlemen, as a long time collector I am getting a bit jaded and I noticed that I am always upping my demands with very little compromise.
So let's make a list shall we? In seperate categories of course, because I do recognize that watches fall in categories like the Divers, the Dresswatches or the Vintage pieces. An impossible task you say? Maybe, but with your help we will get there and finally get to the ultimate watch for each category - it just depends on the categorization...
I therefore propose: Divers; Dresswatches; Sportswatches; Military land, air and sea...
I therefore propose themed watches: cheap, solar, radio, tritium - but wait! This forum is all about these themes and categories! What do we do?

Well, as long as we keep our priorities straight we should be alright. That is to say, there is no perfect watch, we can come only close.

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Ok. I will bite. But I am adding a category: case materials.. my vote on this is super titanium which is supposed to be harder than steel..
Good point. We will have to consult the Vickers scale, 316L steel is not by a long shot the best casing material.

But, it can be easily polished of course so that is a nice option to have.
Well, maybe I like a bit of wabi sabi? Come on guys, watches can age gracefully. Don't fall into the forever young trap. Just let the watch stay healthy inside and it will look great.
Uh... no. To me wabi sabi is just a scratched up piece of junk. Now dial patina. That can be a nice sign of aging. It should be evenly distributed of course or else you have - you guessed it - a piece of junk.

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