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patina quartz with light 9943 grand 8030 cream seiko

Seiko Grand Quartz 9943-8030 with light cream patina
Better response on post Seiko Grand Quartz 9943-8030 with light cream patinaI have to say that this Aged to perfection forum struck a chord with me. It is what attracts me most about this Grand Quartz. Also, why would patina be the province of high end watches? I say no, and so, here are some photos...

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I have got to say that Seiko quartzes age well with patina, it is mostly cream or a brown hue. Mine has the latter patina which you can see in the other thread. It also has an extraordinary Tatami dial (you know, the Japanese sleeping mat).
I noticed that they always change color to a darker shade of brown - that is interesting because watch dials usually lighten with age as in most silver dial series. So, what did they mix in with the silver? Intriguing.

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