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mount fuji edition limited seiko

Seiko Mount Fuji Limited Edition
The ultimate Seiko 5 field watch
Better response on post Seiko Mount Fuji Limited EditionWell, it is a field watch, the Seiko Mount Fuji Limited Edition, the SRP785 & SRP781. I think Seiko nailed it as far as the field watch design is concerned. It is highly legible because of it's anti-reflective white guilloché dial, large font, lume etc. The watch is there, make no mistake.

In 2013 Mt. Fuji was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Seiko of course promptly released three limited editions of the Seiko 5 sports watch, each with blue and pearl design cues from the mountain. This "sportsman's" face is protected with a traditional flat Hardlex crystal (Seiko's proprietary mineral) and around the display case back the words “Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage” are inscribed. Is this then a mountaineer's watch? It certainly is a 5 Sports, so one might have expected a very robust hardlex, but it is actually just a little bit thinner, not detracting from a clear "alpine" view of the dial.
This however is a sizable sports watch, measuring 44mm across, nearly 13mm thick, and just under 50mm long. The bead blasted stainless steel case is round with broad, angular lugs and the large crown is of the push-pull variety, as you might expect given the watch's 100m water resistance rating. Typical of the Seiko 5 series, it is unsigned. Untypical however is the rubber sports band, it is very long like a dive strap but not intended as such surely. There are 22mm bracelets available from competing 5sports designs, if one looks for it, but this watch really needs a darker blue leather strap to go with the dark blue minutes and dive bezel.
This bezel sets off the snowy glacial guilloché dial, which features a reflector ring around the minute index, and shows a very nicely designed font! Intriguingly, Seiko turned the classic 369 dial and even the dive ring topsy turvy. There is the classic diver's 20 minutes ring, which however starts off with 60, and suddenly continues after this quirky 60-10-20 with steps of 5... but embossed where it was first engraved. This study in contrasts is noticeable on all levels, the 369 dial is now reversed, in its place stripes and on the 12 the mountain - well, what did you expect?
I love the fact that the other numbers now get pride of place, Seiko obviously had some fun with that considering this special font. The dial text is pretty consistent with other Seiko 5s: an applied brand and logo followed by the word "Sports" up top is balanced by "Limited Edition", "Automatic", and "100M" below. It is maybe too much but I can appreciate its symmetry with the text at the top. 
The dial as a whole is gorgeous. It's sheer size, pleasing color, and shimmering effect catches the eye each and every time one looks at it. The hands are no less pleasing, they are shaped in the very traditional Seiko sword style but filled with lume, hence it has brilliant night visibility with a strong green glow coming from the ample surface area.
Even the seconds hand is unbeleavable - we get all we could ever ask for: lume tipped, counterbalanced, precisionist, large and foremost. It even has its own color scheme of red tip, metal body and red counterbalance numeral.
After this powerful design statement it is time to rest one's eyes on the case back. But no reprieve here.. a see through case back it is, ringed with "Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Limited Edition" and a not particularly decorated 4R36 movement within. This 24 jewel automatic hacks, hand winds, and works at 21.6k bph. Power reserve is over 41 hours when fully wound, so it is a solid performer. 
Finally, if you are looking for a refreshing blue and white sports watch to wear in the full summer sun, the Seiko SRP785 is well worth a look.

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Wow, yeah. This watch is there alright. Glad you decided to put it here in high res too.
(08-17-2017, 05:56 PM)SeikoMan Wrote: Wow, yeah. This watch is there alright. Glad you decided to put it here in high res too.

And a video to boot...

Hey guys, I rewrote the main article! Better now I suppose.

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