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tritium the ultimate watch carnival


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I have this watch and I must say it's a surprisingly good watch for $98 (which in EU translates into 105 € after taxes). Tritium tubes work like advertised, case and bracelet look just fine. I'm not so sure about the advertised 200m WR (crown is not a screw-down type) or sapphire crystal. Anyway, so far so good and it looks like the gamble with completely unknown brand and watch (I couldn't find a single users photo or review on the net) paid off.


PS. I like the photos of the internals..
Some other photos of this watch:



By the way, my first trit watch was the Marathon above. While it still works, quality was lacking and I eventually wanted something that I perceived would be better (fogs in high humidity right from when new, bezel fell off, numbers on bezel worn off, cheap looking movement). So then I got the Nite, and that was an even bigger mistake. It was so bad I wrote a comprehensive review on Amazon called "Dim vials, small battery, and inexpensive Ronda movement are the Hallmarks." (That watch stopped working after 2 years.) 

It would seem to me that the Carnival line mentioned in this thread would be more in line with the true value, unlike the two products I have bought so far.

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