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grail why you just cannot own wife watch one

Opinion Why you just cannot own one watch
Avoid being a serial watch killer too
I just thought to put my opinion on paper - for those with grumbling wives: pay attention, for this is going to be interesting. 

First off, how many watches have you killed in your younger days? And how much did that cost you? A lot I would bet... One after the other. So there is your first argument: one watch will force you to use it for any purpose, any activity and it will just destroy it. Take your old quartz swimming? Gone with the wind, well drowned in the pool actually. So, a dive watch then? Banging it against the office wall because it just won't fit under my cuff... A dress watch? Ridiculous when working out in the gym - your wife gets that, right? And you don't want to be late for your dinner date, because without a watch you are always late. (Make it so ensign, make it so).

Did you count them? You could be owning four watches by now. This goes on, for at night... when you get up to comfort your kid who has a nightmare... what time was it again, how long do we have until the alarm bell goes? Yeah, I can only tell with my tritium watch -  besides, my darling daughter just loves to see that dial at night, it makes her sleepy... (real life fact). Watch number five in the box!

So, own a watch box -  yes, keep it safe for your kids and your wife can put some rings in there too - great selling points there. After that, well, you can own this completely. There are empty spots in the box right? Cool, buy your wife a matching watch with yours - works insanely well! Date night is now romanticized by you lovingly putting on her Omega Aqua Terra and then your own - always sealed with a kiss - not on the watch dude! Her lips. And kiss your daughter too of course.

Now, you want more than six watches? Have patience here,  I might post some more selling points - later at night when the wife is sleeping. We don't want you to wake her up crowing and cackling like a madmen do we?

(Thanks, I stole the Joker cackling - I feel it too).
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This story has many parallels.... Had to laugh aloud reading this.
Better response on post RE: Why you just cannot own one watchJust as long as the advice does not get too involved and evil. A cackling is just around the corner...

Keep on dreaming...

Very meme worthy this... This is what I have to do to get a new watch. Hoping that they will fly that is.

Funny this. Now, watch number seven, that would be any old vintage watch. You know, it was the watch that belonged to your grandfather - not that exact watch, but that model. She doesn’t need to know that. You could buy watch number eight for a “donor movement”. Yeah, grandpa’s watch needs refurbishing.

:cackling begins:
I will just agree here - being a watch addict this is hugely comforting...
Ok, funny - I find too many points of recognition.... when pigs fly indeed.

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