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crown situation the king vanac seiko

Facts The King Seiko Vanac Crown Situation
No KS on the Vanac Crown?
In my research of the King seiko Vanac I encountered some less obvious variations than caliber, facetted glass, integrated bracelets and such. It is the plain unadorned crown that worried me when buying Vanacs, and not being able to find anything on this issue. But eventually I had to assume some Vanac models are relatively spartan and just have a focus on case, dial and crystal design. Below you will see some pictures that demonstrate my contention: that some Vanacs have a simple slightly bulging crown with no KS lettering embossed.


There are three variations in all, the one described above, the relatively flat crown with the embossed KS - and the more "tubular" crown as depicted below.

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Excellent. I had noticed something like this myself, but is good to "put it out there".

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