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micro unadjustable the adjusting

Micro-adjusting the unadjustable
Better response on post Micro-adjusting the unadjustableThis one is simple, that bracelet that is impervious to be micro\-adjustment, like Ball or Grand Seiko, you just stick duct tape on the inside of the bracelet. Neat little strips of course, and one over the other until the band fits.
Duct tape is anti allergic, oil resistant, water resistant and does not leave a residue when removed from your bracelet. It's great. Try it.

micro\-adjustment is of course that bracelet clasp with 4 to 8 pinholes in it. You can depress the pins and shimmy them over to the next hole.
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Better response on post Micro-adjusting the unadjustableNo residue? Well I may try it on my Balls - no kidding. (It's the watch company).
Cool. Good tips here, I will try it immediately - well, after I buy some duct tape...
Sure, why not. People wear all sorts of strap materials no? Nylon, leather, TPU, rubber, plastic, Elastomer, spandex? Lol
If a bracelet just won't fit it is badly made in my opinion - I will just put the watch on a strap.

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