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to first the last speedmaster parade from

The Speedmaster parade - from first to last
Hey guys, I would like to try and present a simple parade of the basic Speedmasters as they were produced the last decades. I will do my research and present in the next post of this thread.

1958 - The first Omega Speedmaster CK2915 Broad Arrow. What a beauty!

[Image: 882f790cd6178546fd230447d2704f99.jpeg]

1959 - The second Omega Speedmaster CK2998.

[Image: 14d6efbc670d750b7ae222073a4783b3.jpeg]

1962 - The third Omega Speedmaster ST 105.002. In 1963 the ST 105.003 depicted below (very hard to tell the difference between these two).

[Image: b4479ec2b59e6a9b022e4586c7f6390e.jpeg]

1964 - The Speedmaster Professional ST 105.012 with a new case design and Professional on the dial. It still is like this today.

[Image: 6d32aa13487345600f937cdd11ed280e.jpg]

As of 1965 Omega noticed that these watches were used in space exploration. So the Professional became a permanent fixture and a new reference number was used, ST 145.012

The next big thing happening was caliber 861, in 1968 replacing the 321 (which was used up until the moonwalk with Buzz Aldrin in 1969). The new reference number going with it was 145.022.
But, this new Speedmaster was still in the space program. It was subjected to tests again and again by the space shuttle and MIR crew right up to the turn of the century. Initialed and certified by all professionals Omega got busy merchandising. A flood of special editions followed - all very nice but a separate topic.
It does end on a rather positive note though as Omega is preparing the Speedmaster for a mission to Mars. I can't wait for that to happen!
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Thanks for the overview. Will you now cover all the special editions?
(05-29-2017, 07:43 AM)Americandad Wrote: Thanks for the overview. Will you now cover all the special editions?

I'll second that... Don't know much about Omega yet, being into Seiko and all that.

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