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watch for life one

One watch for life
I believe most of the men around us could do with one watch - you know, the serial killer owners.... For those of us who frequent forums like this one, only one watch would leave us “unfulfilled”. There’s just too much variety. For me to sell off the collection, buy an Explorer I, and call it good?

I think not. For instance, I just ordered a $150 Seagull A-type flieger while wearing a very expensive Ball Aviator ....most “normal” people would think that to be crazy behavior, but hey, I “needed” a beater flieger lol. And you know what? You know what I mean right? Right?
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Better response on post RE: One watch for lifeThis thread must die... who will agree with this one watch idea? As an ideal... not.
One watch for life?

The right one, sure... Doesn't exist for all occasions. Diving with my Patek - think not. Mountaineering with my SKX? Ridiculous... So, I have got plenty of the little time tellers.
This is fun, brave to ask the question... It may seem off topic in a watch forum?

Hmmm, the SARB017 might qualify. Just change to metal or rubber when swimming.
Were money no object, it would probably be a Patek ref 5726: the Nautilus Annual Calendar. Dress aesthetics in a sports package that doesn't have to be babied. But out of what I have now, the Rolex Submariner. I mean, it's the classic one-watch for a lot of folks for a reason...but the Omega Globemaster would be right behind it as a close second

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