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recraft reborn vintage series seiko

Seiko Recraft series - vintage reborn
Better response on post Seiko Recraft series - vintage rebornThe Recraft series is all about bold design, with much better finish and materials than one might expect for this price point around 200 USD… So where does this particular Seiko Recraft cut corners? Well, for one, both the crystal and the exhibition case back are mineral, not sapphire. The movement is the venerable 7S26 – a 21 jewel mechanism that was featured in numerous Seiko models for many decades, both entry level and mid-tier. It was not always my favorite Seiko caliber - depending on accuracy - I found it ungraceful compared to its genius workhorse predecessor, the 6309 or the 6106 even, which created an incredibly durable and efficient engine with ingenious engineering. However the version of the 7S26 in the Seiko Recraft Automatic is a revelation of accuracy... and keeping this watch cheap and cheerful is perhaps what’s so great about the entire Seiko Recraft concept. The 4R36 would have jacked up the price point somewhat.

By the way, these are not small watches... at 44mm, it does get noticed.


Let's not forget to mention the model: Seiko Recraft Automatic SNKMN97. Sadly, prices are getting jacked up significantly! I suspect these will be the new collectibles of our times - how ironic when the old ones can still be had for just double the price (and probably at a much more forgiving measurement wrist wise).

This one is nice too.... the SNKN37

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Nice heads up @Harry. And you are right... of course prices are rising - as so many of the great seiko models are getting scarce.
Better response on post Seiko Recraft series - vintage rebornYes, prices are the problem... You can get a Presage for that kind of money (375 euro)... Much classier (if that is your thing).
Damn guys, I feel a Seiko shopping spree coming .... Don't show all this man jewelry to me!
The good news here is that these are not Seiko 5 - right? They are in a league of their own...
(04-30-2018, 08:14 PM)Sagawa Wrote: Yes, prices are the problem... You can get a Presage for that kind of money (375 euro)... Much classier (if that is your thing).

Yes, that is exactly it! One should always keep in mind that Seiko has a better watch just one price point up... Don't lose yourself in the tunnel of buying that one watch....
By the way guys, the production values of these watches are so much higher than the originals!
Remember guys, these are big! I therefore prefer the old school ones..

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