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greens 017 the alpinist for

Greens for the Alpinist 017
Time for some straps for the green boy - with green.

Would this be too much?


I suppose better than this? These colors do not complement or match!


Hmmm.... maybe.


Oh well, the more I see them the more I think "brown"!


Let me know what you think will you...
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Oh man, what a shockers these are - and I am not referring to the 017. Those straps! They are tacky and brash, which the Alpinist is not. Brown it is, or black, but for the love of god do not do green!
Check out the green Barton Elite Silicone Quick Release Watch Band. Perfect color match, and the only silicone watch band I know of that ships with two strap lengths included. The shorter one was perfect for my 6.5" wrist. They have a clever locking feature that keeps the loose end of the strap secured, and quick release spring bars.


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