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list retail vintage the great seiko

Work in progress The Great Vintage Seiko Retail List
Inflation corrected for 2019
Better response on post The Great Vintage Seiko Retail ListAs part of my ongoing Seiko explorations I programmed a Seiko watch database for Mac and iPhone. You have to keep track right? Even so it is overwhelming what Seiko has (had) to offer, so currently I have listed some 300 watches already and it is expanding steadily with no end in sight I imagine. Just check for updates now and then - you will like it as I listed the retail info only, but in fact record everything! 

So, another list is upcoming will every little detail I know on these watches - believe me, it is massive. It's just that I want to be able to present a couple of hundred watches to make that all important first impression...

Ok, download below...

.pdf   Vintage Seiko Retail list 2.pdf (Size: 4.93 MB / Downloads: 2,522)
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
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Excellent, a work in progress clearly, but what a good start!
I want the other list too.... Of course I would. I am looking forward to that....
Downloaded! Thanks for the hard work, I can see it takes a lot of time even if it is database driven..
(03-22-2019, 09:00 PM)Docrollieday Wrote: Downloaded! Thanks for the hard work, I can see it takes a lot of time even if it is database driven..

Good observation... you always have to fill the database. But it is good knowing that you can use the data flexibly afterwards (since I program it myself).
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
Cool to see the Superiors dominating page one, as do the V.F.A and the Quartz QT. People do not appreciate the latter two as they should methinks.
These Seiko catalogues do come in handy! I always hate it when watch companies mess that up.... as if hiding their light under a bushel.
A couple of a hundred of watches.... You have been busy!

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