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cosmic the expert omega buying seamaster on advice

Expert (buying) advice on the Omega Seamaster Cosmic
The Omega Seamaster Cosmic 1968 depicted in this thread, reference number 166.026, has a stainless steel case measuring 34 mm. Inside is a 24 jewel movement caliber 565, but other movements were used over a period of over two decades, like the 601 or the 613.
Starting in the late forties the Cosmic line sported many different faces, from the spectacular moonphase cream white dials to the spartan plain greys. Not withstanding this, a lot - but not all - of the Cosmics have a particular kind of finishing, a finely striped brushed stainless steel, radiating outward (as it were) from the pinions of the hands. Sadly, these models are often polished, destroying the finish; but to the discerning collector it can still be detected close to the bezel ring or just above the crown. Nevertheless, expect to pay between 500 and 1500 USD.
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