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Why are all vintage KQ and GQ bracelets different?
I swear, once your vintage King Quartz has a broken band you are up shit creek. I mean, all my vintage Seiko KQ bands are different! Just try getting the missing links or even another one.
Yeah, that happened to me. Eventually I found a replacement bracelet on line (I think), with the trash KQ watch still attached. Now it is incoming. Think it will fit?

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Any and all Divers
Author: Alfaman - Replies: 5 - Views: 6395
All Favre-Leuba watches seem to be in/from India?
I have a nice Favre Leuba watch myself and was trying to find some more for my watch collection, however on the E bay they all seem to be from india, with bright faces...
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Any and all Seiko Chronographs
Hey guys, I have seen many a Seiko chronograph that doesn't fit the regular guy's taste. I am curious how many of you have a chrono lying around that is not really very collectable...

Here is mine, a 7t42

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Any and all Chronographs
Thanks admin, I really needed this thread. Well, here is my chrono, it is a bit out there but that is why I requested a thread like this. Let us see all those micro brands!

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Alpina All The Way
Time for Alpina I say, and without further a do I present mine... the 1993 chrono.