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The Seiko Turtle Thread
Time for Seiko Turtles gentlemen, such great watches. I own the Padi Turtle SRPA021, the special edition. It is extremely comfortable for it size, that is, the case, but the steel bracelet not so I am sorry to say. It cuts into my wrist because Seiko did not really put a good bevel on it - it is sharp!
So, after trying the Seiko rubber Z22, which makes the entire ensemble feel like the Nimitz aircraft carrier, I switch to a supple calf strap. I presume it will withstand the occasional splash of
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Seiko Mount Fuji Limited Edition
Well, it is a field watch, the Seiko Mount Fuji Limited Edition, the SRP785 & SRP781. I think Seiko nailed it as far as the field watch design is concerned. It is highly legible because of it's anti-reflective white guilloché dial, large font, lume etc. The watch is there, make no mistake.

In 2013 Mt. Fuji was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Seiko of course promptly released three limited editions of the Seiko 5 sport