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Seiko High Accuracy Quartz list
Hello everybody, I am uploading a table of Seiko's HAQ watches. I am still working on them so you might have additions...

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Radio Controlled watches price list
Below are the lowest prices seen on ebay and other sites...

Citizen Eco-Drive RC
Super Titanium
CB1070-56E: 500 Euro
AT4010-50E: 275 Euro
CB0010-88E: 325 euro 

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The Great Vintage Seiko Retail List
As part of my ongoing Seiko explorations I programmed a Seiko watch database for Mac and iPhone. You have to keep track right? Even so it is overwhelming what Seiko has (had) to offer, so currently I have listed some 300 watches already and it is expanding steadily with no end in sight I imagine. Just check for updates now and then - you will like it as I listed the retail info only, but in fact record everything! 

So, another list is upcoming will every little detail I know on these watches
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The King Quartz value list
Without further ado.. an excerpt from my database. Inflation corrected.

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The Seiko Grand Quartz value list
Another advantage of "big data" - I program and maintain a sizable watch database for mac and iPhone so here is another nice excerpt..

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The Seiko Superior value & reference list
It took some research, but here it is... complete as far as I know it.