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Wednesday's watch
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Thursday's wear
So, currently loving this old vintage... Seiko Bussiness. It's fun to use two items from my add collection. It is a shame they never used that B-logo!

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Friday's best
I like Friday. At the end of the day I am off to my boat and I will wear any of my divers. 

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Wednesday's watch bin
I will reserve this thread for me. Saw it coming didn't you? Now I just have to find a cheap watch shot...

Ok, found a cheap watch - this Lordmatic will do for tomorrow...

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Thursday's worn & wounded
Well, we all have them, the well worn watch - some say with patina, some say with tropical dial. I merely empower you gentlemen to post them here. But, as I understand it - they must be cheap!
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Helson's Watch Hive
Yeah you know the book.... It is sexy. This watch is too (Buccaneer eh?), so - enjoy.

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Seagull watches review(s)
Seagull watch review

The phrase “Made in China” conjures up thoughts of inexpensive, low quality, and even knockoff products. While there is some fact behind these connotations, there isn’t an absolute truth. The Chinese watch industry is no different; quality is all over the map. For decades, China was the laughing stock of the horological world. Between the low-quality legitimate watches and the low quality Canal St. replicas, watch enthusiasts had every right to overlook China’s tim
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Vintageseiko.nl - Watchiwant's store feedback
Vintageseiko is the store of Watchiwant.com. Any comments on store that can be placed here, as well as buyer's reviews of course. We take it to heart!
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A good Citizen's worth
I have been reading up on Citizen and to me they seem as good as the Seikos of the day, including the High Beats and the Electronic editions. Pricewise they sold for about the same too. Any comments on this?