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FS: Seiko Mount Fuji LE
FS is one or both of my Mount Fuji LE's like new, asking price is 250 euro each to your doorstep. PM me for more HR photos!
Thickness is 11,5mm and lug go lug is 46mm, straps of 22mm will fit this beauty.

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Travails of a King Seiko
The first automatic King Seikos were the 5626-7000 KS and the 5626-7040 KS chronometer, grandly decorated with gold medallions on the case back. The design of the 7000 is clearly based on the manual-wind 45 caliber King Seiko, however it features a one-piece monobloc, opened by removing the bezel and glass rather than a screw-back. Also, perhaps more importantly, it has an external regulator, accessed via a small screw between the lower lugs. The 7000 and the 7040 seem to have been produc
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The King Seiko Vanac - glitz from the seventies
The King Seiko Vanac was manufactured between 1972 and 1974 only, in a number of variations, but all sporting colorful dials, facetted crystals and angular cases. Both Seiko production plants contributed, Suwa with the standard KS 5626 caliber and Daini with the 5246 and 5256 calibers that exist in some normal KS but are most common as Vanacs. 
A Vanac is basically/exceptionally a KS with added extras, faceted glass, a gold bezel, a high quality bracelet (no folded metal links here) drilled lug
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Grand Seiko reborn
[size=medium]In 1988 the 9581 was Seiko’s first forage into GS territory after the GS brand was abandoned in the early seventies, as the Grand Quartz was in the late seventies. Seiko dropped the Grand Quartz brand in favour of Grand Seiko, with GS also in the dial. In reviving GS as a quartz collection in 1988, it was imperative that the Japanese Manufacture developed a Voltage Compensated Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VCTCXO) module, which features both thermo-compensation and a r
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FS: Seiko King Quartz 4823-8050 "Bussiness Shirt"
SOLD A very nice King Quartz. Raised markers on a beautiful dial. Runs perfectly without problems. Asking 225 euro to your doorstep, as it does not come with a bracelet or band. All fees and shipping on me. Please check out me and my reputation (on the bay, w[color=#444444][size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]atchuseek http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/fs-seik...z-4823-805
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Seiko 5 - Seiko 5 - Seiko 5
Yeah mate, you guessed right. Just want to get all those 5's in a row, there are so many of them... Anyone  with Seiko 5? Of course you have, everyone has a Seiko 5 right. I mean, they are around since the early seventies, so its quite likely. Here is mine, a 7009-316A from 1982.

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King Seiko bracelet
Hey guys, looking for the KS 5626-7000/7020 bracelet? Anyone want to sell?
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FS: Seiko King Quartz 5856-8070 "Bussiness Shirt"
SOLD - A very nice King Quartz. Raised markers on a beautiful dial. Runs perfectly without problems. Asking 225 euro to your doorstep. All fees and shipping on me. Please check out my reputation here, on the Fleebay (Collectionist0) or www.watchuseek.com u[size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]nder the same name, and then buy with confidence. The way the brace
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Vintage Seiko watch finds
Sometimes you come across the craziest timepieces. Like this one. It's Alba but it is Seiko.
[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...98150c.jpg]

For the record, I did not buy it. It is too far out there.
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Spot the Seiko
I just got inspired, what Seiko's are the actors wearing in the movies? Although in modern movies it is usually Rolex, Omega, JLC and the like, the Seiko's played their part in the seventies and 80's movies I am sure.

Aliens... Seiko Giugiaro 7A28

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Seiko Adds (Mixed Bag)
Hi all, I felt like sharing my collections of Seiko Advertising. I will be posting regularly the next couple of weeks, so have fun!

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Seiko Vintage Watch Catalogues
I have got a load of these catalogues to help me understand the Seiko world... And it is a strange world.


Not sure about these big uploads so I'll take it easy..




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Grand Seiko
These are nice too.... You can compare them quickly this way. Not to be mixed up with Grand Quartz!





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A Seiko Lord-matic (extra) Special

This here is a new old stock (NOS) Seiko Lordmatic Special, JDM Daini division edition - a double whammy (!) as Daini division was always pushing the design frontier, until its demise in the early eighties. This Daini Special Lordmatic then is a self-winding 23 jewels 5606-5050 from september 1972. It has the King Seiko base movement, an automatic that was thinner then all other auto’s of the time. Notice the mention of A at the end of the caliber ins
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King Seiko 5625-7010
Let's not forget these great watches! 5625s both of them...

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Seiko 5 7002
And these... have been around since 1969! Don't forget - a venerable watch.

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FS: Seiko King Quartz 5856-5000 Blue dial
For sale - sold already! -  a very beautiful King Quartz 5856-5000 from 1981, works flawlessly, asking 250 euro to your doorstep.

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Seiko King Quartz 5856-8000
A great king Quartz this...

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Seiko Elnix 0703-7000
I find this early Elnix from 1973 a nice vintage watch...

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Seiko Elnix 0703-7020
Here is mine! No, it does not say hi... Yeah, I checked the watch memes and I won't let the hate flow through you.