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What?! I am the first user?
Well, that's cool by me. I hope this forum will be unlike the many, many others... Confusedighs:
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Speedtimers of the seventies
The Speed timer is a product line of Seiko’s automatic chronographs from the 1970's. Speedtimer branded watches - 6138/6139 - were mechanically the same as their regular counterparts, but had small stylistic differences that set them apart from the general production of the same watch. They were built in far lesser numbers and offered in fewer markets than their normally aspirated variants. As such Speedtimer are highly priced amongst collectors. It is important to note that not all Seiko chrono
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The King Seiko Vanac - glitz from the seventies
The King Seiko Vanac was manufactured between 1972 and 1974 only, in a number of variations, but all sporting colorful dials, facetted crystals and angular cases. Both Seiko production plants contributed, Suwa with the standard KS 5626 caliber and Daini with the 5246 and 5256 calibers that exist in some normal KS but are most common as Vanacs. 
A Vanac is basically/exceptionally a KS with added extras, faceted glass, a gold bezel, a high quality bracelet (no folded metal links here) drilled lug
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The lofty men of Omega ain't here
They are at the established fora. Of course. Show them the money.
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Spot the Seiko
I just got inspired, what Seiko's are the actors wearing in the movies? Although in modern movies it is usually Rolex, Omega, JLC and the like, the Seiko's played their part in the seventies and 80's movies I am sure.

Aliens... Seiko Giugiaro 7A28

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Micro-adjusting the unadjustable
This one is simple, that bracelet that is impervious to be micro\-adjustment, like Ball or Grand Seiko, you just stick duct tape on the inside of the bracelet. Neat little strips of course, and one over the other until the band fits.
Duct tape is anti allergic, oil resistant, water resistant and does not leave a residue when removed from your bracelet. It's great. Try it.

micro\-adjustment is of course that bracelet clasp with 4 to 8 pinholes in it. You can depress the pins and shimmy them ov
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The Speedmaster parade - from first to last
Hey guys, I would like to try and present a simple parade of the basic Speedmasters as they were produced the last decades. I will do my research and present in the next post of this thread.

1958 - The first Omega Speedmaster CK2915 Broad Arrow. What a beauty!

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...04f99.jpeg]

1959 - The second Omega Speedmaster CK2998.

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...783b3.jpeg]
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The twin quartz calibers of the seventies
When quartz was well established, at the end of the Seventies, the Seiko 1978 JDM catalogue showed the twin quartz caliber for the first time, however there were (eventually) at least three different design technologies behind the Seiko twin quartz models.
[color=black][size=medium][font=Times]While quartz based watches are extremely accurate compared to mechanical watches th
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Expert (buying) advice on the Omega Automatic
The Omega Automatic 2897, caliber 491, no date, small seconds, will cost on average between 300 and 1500 USD, depending on condition and materials used - stainless steel or solid yellow or rosé gold. 18k gold stamps should be on the lugs and the crown should be signed with the Omega symbol. The 19 jewel movement has the stamp as well of course.
[size=medium][font=Tahoma]There are of course different models to be found, with plain markers or arabic, steppe
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Expert (buying) advice on the Omega Genève
Made in Geneva Switzerland, the Omega Genève Automatic, depicted here in this thread, caliber 565, with date, will cost on average between 300 and 1500 USD, depending on condition and materials used - stainless steel or solid yellow or rosé gold. 18k gold stamps should be on the lugs and the crown should be signed with the Omega symbol. The movement has the Omega stamp as well of course.
[size=medium][font=Verdana]There are some models of relatively poor
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Expert (buying) advice on the Omega Seamaster Cosmic
The Omega Seamaster Cosmic 1968 depicted in this thread, reference number 166.026, has a stainless steel case measuring 34 mm. Inside is a 24 jewel movement caliber 565, but other movements were used over a period of over two decades, like the 601 or the 613.
Starting in the late forties the Cosmic line sported many different faces, from the spectacular moonphase cream white dials to the spartan plain greys. Not withstanding this, a lot - but not all - of the Cosmics have a particular kind of f
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Expert (buying) advice on the Omega 1964
The Omega pictured in this thread from 1964 has the hand wound caliber 601. Gold capped and at 33 mm it is the entry level watch of quality for  the old school gentlemen. This one has developed an interesting and evenly spread patina, often however this is not the case (pun intended) and the dial should be considered as "just junk". This of course explains many a redial; it's a fact of life, Omega watches of the 50s and 60s do not always maintain their integrity and dial decay sets in. Usually t
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The Seiko Elnix: a watch electrified
In the short period between 1957 and the mid 1970s Electric Watches reigned. Electric means they have a battery, either a balance wheel or a tuning fork and either electrical contacts or a transistor. This was a very short-lived transitional phase: transistors were just becoming available and mass-produced quartz watches had not yet appeared.

[color=#444444][font=Verdana]Electric Watches really have died out, the last one
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The High Council
At the moment Collectionist sits alone on his iron throne, looking aghast at the rising tide of his following. Seikoman has proven himself prolific and justly moderates, d'ohBoy keeps a low profile and may be demoted. External influences however are notable, moderators from afar like Anchor and Metropolis.

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TAPATALK may enter the empire of Watchiwant
The High Council has graciously allowed Tapatalk denizens to be entertained within the castle walls... But you must look for us! And install it on your mobile device....
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The Seiko Dancing Hands 6M25
[font=Arial]Time for a writeup of the caliber 6M25 [size=small]as there are not too many resources on it. This caliber from 1988 comes in several designs, black (-6040), all gold (-7020,) two-tone (-6000), simple steel grey (-6040) and white (-6050). The two-tones are with dark blue dial (-6000), blue dial/red accents (-6039), just blue (-6040) and the white dial Olympic (-6050). There is also an all gold plated watch with sea-green dial/red accents, with all gold sub-dial (-6
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The ultimate tritium watch: Tawatec
I was just thinking on doing a grand overview of tritium watches, I do like their clarity and legibility, well most of them anyway. So, I will posting on this and am hoping the friendly admin can make it a separate forum, maybe merge it with the Ball post?

First off, some brand names:

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The most robust watches are quartz
As the title states, quartz is way more robust than purely mechanical watches. The less moving parts the better right?
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The movement inside a watch does not matter
I honestly wonder at times what the obsession is with movements. Does it really matter how time is kept if it is done accurately? So therefore:
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Watch review on the tube
This guy I usually find entertaining... and he does it all.. from Omega to Seiko 5 - the subject of this clip.