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What do you know - Russian watches are the new collectibles
It is my firm belief that this is now an open field for collecting vintage watches from Russia...
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Damasko DA42 - DA43 - DA44 - and the rest
Hi all, I do like these watches from Damasko but I have been thinking about selling them, I have so many. Maybe soon (if I can bring myself to do it), meanwhile... some quick pictures.

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The ultimate solar watch
Let me kick this off. The admin graciously provided us with an empty basket. So, I will get back to y'all on this.
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The ultimate smart watch needs solar
The ultimate smart watch needs solar in my opinion, no more bs cable recharging...
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For the timid?
Cute idea admin. Curious to see who will post here... and what is the main subject matter...
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The Elka watch
Hi guys, I found an interesting article on early dutch watchmaking, in which Rolex is mentioned as just an upstart new brand... This is written in Dutch by the way.

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The ultimate tritium watch: Ball
Well, I can be short about this: Ball watches can be found in the Ball Forum.... http://www.watchiwant.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=108 In my book they are among the greatest, although I think that they are about 50% too expensive. One of the reasons I always buy Ball preowned at about 400-800 USD. They do have a consistent range of watches with plenty of evolution in the product lines. Worth mentioning are the Engineers, Trainmasters, Conductors and GMT's. But there are so many more!
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The ultimate tritium watch: Dievas
This watch is a great value for money, don't forget that tritium tubes cost about 10 USD each.... 

[size=small]The discontinued Dievas Divegraph used to have a total of 15 tritium tubes to illuminate the dial, the hour, minute and second hands. It uses the top of the line GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) made by Swiss company MB-microtec’s trigalight technology. [color=#000000][font=Helvetica]Founded in 2006 Dievas has collaborated with milita
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The ultimate tritium watch: Reactor
Well, this brand seems a bit gimmicky with their Never Dark system (patented), the fact of which they plaster on their dials big time right below the very present brand logo. One wonders how this system works - because that is what a system does right? Work. 
It does not "work", let me tell you that, they just combine superluminova and tritium vials on the dials. They spin this to their hart's content, including graphs and photos, to state the mere obvious... that it's a good idea. So end of sto
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The ultimate tritium watch: Vostok
Now this is where it gets interesting, Vostok with tritium? Who knew. It is the Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster...


Taking its name from the world's greatest ekranoplan, or airplane/hovercraft hybrid, this watch is built for two things: water and speed. Built in a limited edition sport diver style, this watch is the one for high-speed chases on the high seas. Or, you know, a boardroom meeting. This watch is a numbered limited edition.

Product Details

Colors Green
Materials Su
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The ultimate tritium watch: Firemark
Much more the cheaper watch is the Firemark Men's F1091. Models are equipped with Japanese movements Miyota or Citizen. It can be bought for under 200 euro.

Some specs of the F1091

Item Shape Round
Crystal: Mineral
Case material Stainless Steel
Case diameter 43
Case Thickness 12
Band Material Rubber
Band width 21
Band Color Black
Dial color Black
Bezel function Unidirectional
Movement swiss
Water R. 90 Meters

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The ultimate tritium watch: Smith & Wesson
The Smith & Wesson Tritium Dive Watch SWW-900-OR is a bit of an oddball, you can find them on ebay (sold by a guy named Knifeguy - hilarious) and amazon and at other odd places.


Some of their watches are clearly rip offs, outfitted with cheap quartz innards. It resembles the Ball Aviator.

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The ultimate tritium watch: Traser
The Traser GWS G10 Pro Diver looks to be a rugged watch that can take a beating. This watch is part of a range of models based on the G10 that has been standard issue to the British Army for many years. This watch keeps the matte Stainless Steel case but adds an ultra strong Sapphire crystal glass and rated to 200m water resistance due to the screw down crown. You can choose for green or blue tritium; apparently, green is always better visible to the human eye. This watch is just right for many
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The ultimate tritium watch: results
So, after reading all about it now you decide which one is the best....
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The ultimate tritium watch: Luminox
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The ultimate tritium watch: Pollmann
This may be the very cheapest watch of fair quality (40 euro with free shipping). It is a German, with the case measuring a nice 42mm. It can be found at amazon.de. I don't imagine it has a sapphire crystal though.
Pollmann, I read, has a tradition of more than a hundred years in the development and manufacture of innovative precision products. The company was founded in 1888 by Franz Pollmann as a crafts company for the production of precision mechanics and watches in Karlstein (Waldviertel, L
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The tritium watches price chart
In this shortlist I propose to itemize the tritium watches by lowest price rounded to the next "tenner" - that may make it easier to pick one. Some may be cheaper!

1 - Pollmann - 40 euro
2 - Smith & Wesson - 60 euro
2 - Carnival - 75 euro
3 - Firemark - 200
4 - Traser - 250
4 - Epoch - 250
5 - Luminox - 300 euro
5 - Reactor - 300 euro
5 - Tawatec - 300 euro
6 - Dievas - 340 euro
6 - Nite Icon 353 euro
7 - Vostok - 550 euro
7 - Nite Icon - 600 euro
8 - Ball - 1500 euro
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The ultimate tritium watch: Epoch
The Epoch 6021G is a cool looking watch, with sapphire glass and I suppose a 42 or 43 mm case (I will have to look into it).

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The perfect watch features..
Well, there we go gentlemen, as a long time collector I am getting a bit jaded and I noticed that I am always upping my demands with very little compromise.
So let's make a list shall we? In seperate categories of course, because I do recognize that watches fall in categories like the Divers, the Dresswatches or the Vintage pieces. An impossible task you say? Maybe, but with your help we will get there and finally get to the ultimate watch for each category - it just depends on the categorizati
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Watches 101 - The Hairspring
Hi all, I found some videos on mechanical watches and what makes them tick. I will share with you.. This one brings you along to a very secret workshop run by Bovet where they manufacture the most strategic component of any mechanical watch: the hairspring.