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Watches 101 - The compass bezel
Great videos from this guy, if only he would not do the "talking head" for the first 40 seconds....

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The size of your watch does not matter
Its the size of your... Kidding here: your wrist of course. Even so, it is all fashion and culture right? I see guys with real diner plates on their wrists and I think.. why not?
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The Seikomatic Silverwave: birth of a diver
The first fully fledged waterproof Seiko watch appeared in 1959 in the form of the Seiko Cronos Sea horse fitted with the 21 jewel manual wind Cronos 54/54A movement. That watch was equipped with a two part screw down case back and was rated water proof to 50m. Although it was actively marketed in some sense as a divers watch, in reality its use would have been limited at best to swimming or snorkeling.


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Watches 101 - Polishing the crystal
I will be short about this, just watch the video: hot chick doing the watch crystal... Polywatch.

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The Seiko Turtle Thread
Time for Seiko Turtles gentlemen, such great watches. I own the Padi Turtle SRPA021, the special edition. It is extremely comfortable for it size, that is, the case, but the steel bracelet not so I am sorry to say. It cuts into my wrist because Seiko did not really put a good bevel on it - it is sharp!
So, after trying the Seiko rubber Z22, which makes the entire ensemble feel like the Nimitz aircraft carrier, I switch to a supple calf strap. I presume it will withstand the occasional splash of
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The ultimate tritium watch
So, after reading all about it now you decide which one is the best....
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The solar watch explained
A solar powered watch, actually a light-powered watch, is a watch that is powered by a solar cell. Some of the early solar watches of the 1970s had innovative and unique designs to accommodate the array of photovoltaic solar cells needed to power them (Synchronar, Nepro, Sicura and some models by Cristalonic, Alba, Rhythm, Seiko and Citizen). In the 1990s, Citizen started to sell light-powered watches under the Eco-Drive series name. Since their introduction, photovoltaic devices have greatly im
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Seiko Lord Matic 5606 - The one flaw within
Navigating one’s way around the vintage Seiko model hierarchy is in one sense straightforward but in another extremely perplexing. Our perspective in this regard has been rooted predominantly in the positioning of the various members of the Seikomatic lines with the path up the greasy pole taking us from the modest but still rather splendid 6206 Weekdaters, through highly jewelled Seikomatic middle management to great pretenders and all the way up to something rather Grand. But that route someho
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The Seiko Monster Thread
While I am at it... of these four I only kept one. Guess...

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The Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Winter Time
This is one beast of a watch! In my experience it is best worn in the fall and winter, when my wrist does not swell up a lot due to summer heat. Then I will have to have it on a strap..

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Posting maketh the forum
To all you watch enthousisasts...posting here will tell your admin what brand forums to create.
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The Seiko SKX Thread
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State of the collection: quartzes
I will kick this off. These are two of my most beautiful quartzes, partly so because they can be worn or must be worn on leather straps. They are both on a Hirsch Duke..
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Seiko SKX Modding - step by step

Hey guys, I decided to change the thread a bit. I decided to do an actual mod, outlining it step by step. So here goes.

The watch I'm customizing is the SKX007 from Seiko. This is "THE" ISO Diver, 200m certified, srew down crown and back,etc, ...
This is the model that has one of the biggest aftermarket parts catalog.

I'm an amateur and I can't compete with pros like Jake B or Yobokies. So the way I use to mod can be criticized and improved I am sure.
During this pro
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The way of the dress watch
A dress watch does have some specific requirements. One might even say, it is an oft forgotten set of rules. Let's get to it shall we?

[color=#000000][font=Verdana]Rule number one. A gentleman wears Oxfords not brogues. That pertains of course to the leather. You wear only your Oxfords. No holes other than buckle holes, no embellishments.  Most importantly though, the strap is not too long and does not go around the curvature of your wrist - not eve
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Prelude to the Alpinist
There is little debate over which is the summit of Seiko's sub branding. The Laurel brand is the oldest of the Seiko sub brands, the 1913 Laurel watch did not even feature the word Seiko. The Alpinist then is the second oldest Seiko sub brand. Why do these two have to be mentioned in the same paragraph? Well... The watch that started it all is known as the “Seiko Laurel Alpinist,” which operated on a 17 jewel hand wound movement and came in two colours, black and cream.


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The affordable diver
Whenever someone asks the question “I don’t know anything about divers, which dive watch should I start with?” online, you can guarantee the Amphibia is going to be mentioned, along with the Seiko SKX007 and usually the Orient Mako II. So read up on the Vostok thread hereabouts will you. You can get them new for cheap, vintage for - well, not. What is that? Vintage is more expensive? The affordable vintage usually is, and therefore there is some fun in the hunt for the original and the quirky. A
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The Grand Seiko killer
This seems like a fun idea. I just mentioned it on the Ball forum... the Trainmaster Legend may just match the Grand Seiko!
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The ultimate tritium watch: Carnival
Ok, here you have a Chinese watch with tritium, quartz (Ronda 515), 200m, 316L on leather or with bracelet.... Glass must be hardlex though. This watch comes in many style variations which are up to you to pick at Aliexpress.com.

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State of the collection: automatics with purple dial
It is difficult to find purple blueish watch dials. The thing is that they shift a lot in color outside to inside, or in the evening. I like that.