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Anyone heard about the 9940-7010 ?
I stumbled upon this today : http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/h278910630

Does anyone know anything about it ?

I bid out of curiosity, and also out of lust for that dial. It isn't working apparently, don't how much a service would cost.

The bracelet looks wonderful as well (though I can imagine it being a rather effective hair plucker...)
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The early Seiko Quartz calibers explained
Seiko's early quartzes can be downright intimidating, what do all these numbers and letters mean? Well, after some years of doing my research I can finally say with confidence what's what. 
As of 1971 The '38' movements were Seiko's first widely available quartz movements, but first was the 1969 Seiko Quartz Astron (100 or so made) representing a groundbreaking technological breakthrough. 


The watch’s tuning-fork-shaped quartz oscillator gave the Astron’s movement, Calib
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The ultimate tritium watch: Nite Icon
With the Swiss Made GTLS illumination and a Selita SW200 movement, the Nite Icon Automatic-215 features a screw-down crown, 316L Stainless Steel and sapphire crystal front and back, to provide durability and a viewing window into the inner workings of the movement.

There are two new 44mm 24 hour ICON models, the ICON Automatic 215S costing £580 or 630 euro and the ICON Automatic 215L priced at £600. The 215S comes on a stainless steel bracelet while the215L comes on a leather strap. Both watc
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The History of Favre-Leuba
Favre-Leuba, a history that reaches back 291 years
After being sold in 2003 and re-launched as of 2006, Favre-Leuba’s new directors have uncovered a manuscript, dated 1718, which relates how Abraham Favre, a former church elder, began to learn the intricacies of watchmaking that very year. The company itself was established in 1737.

“Favre-Leuba is, without the shadow of a doubt, a great name in Swiss watchmaking, and one we are now repositioning with annual production of fewer than 2
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The Nato fight club
Let us put things in perspective shall we..?

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The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch
The Science, History, And Romance Behind The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch

“As all experienced navigators know, it is extremely easy to get lost.” —Philip Van Horn Weems, Air Navigation, 1931
"Where are we? Directly above the center of the Earth." —Old Joke


Possibly one of the most unusual and unlikely timepieces in Longines’ very extensive heritage collection is this one: the Lindbergh Hour Angle, which is an almost exact replica of an historical timepiece made
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The King Seiko Vanac Crown Situation
In my research of the King seiko Vanac I encountered some less obvious variations than caliber, facetted glass, integrated bracelets and such. It is the plain unadorned crown that worried me when buying Vanacs, and not being able to find anything on this issue. But eventually I had to assume some Vanac models are relatively spartan and just have a focus on case, dial and crystal design. Below you will see some pictures that demonstrate my contention: that some Vanacs have a simple slightly bulgi
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The Seiko Elnix: a watch electrified
In the short period between 1957 and the mid 1970s Electric Watches reigned. Electric means they have a battery, either a balance wheel or a tuning fork and either electrical contacts or a transistor. This was a very short-lived transitional phase: transistors were just becoming available and mass-produced quartz watches had not yet appeared.

[color=#444444][font=Verdana]Electric Watches really have died out, the last one
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The Seikomatic Silverwave: birth of a diver
The first fully fledged waterproof Seiko watch appeared in 1959 in the form of the Seiko Cronos Sea horse fitted with the 21 jewel manual wind Cronos 54/54A movement. That watch was equipped with a two part screw down case back and was rated water proof to 50m. Although it was actively marketed in some sense as a divers watch, in reality its use would have been limited at best to swimming or snorkeling.


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Hewlett Packard HP-01 The very first smartwatch

Throwback To The Past: it is 1977, quartz watches are still less than 10 years old; it's the year Star Wars hit theaters for the first time... and you are actually looking at, not a piece of science fiction, but what is nothing less than the most technically advanced wristwatch ever produced. Whether you love or hate what electronics have meant in watchmaking, there's no doubt that the development of electrical and electronic timepieces, from very early electrical pendulum c
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The King Seiko Vanac - glitz from the seventies
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Seiko Lord Matic 5606 - The one flaw within
Navigating one’s way around the vintage Seiko model hierarchy is in one sense straightforward but in another extremely perplexing. Our perspective in this regard has been rooted predominantly in the positioning of the various members of the Seikomatic lines with the path up the greasy pole taking us from the modest but still rather splendid 6206 Weekdaters, through highly jewelled Seikomatic middle management to great pretenders and all the way up to something rather Grand. But that route someho
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The twin quartz calibers of the seventies
When quartz was well established, at the end of the Seventies, the Seiko 1978 JDM catalogue showed the twin quartz caliber for the first time, however there were (eventually) at least three different design technologies behind the Seiko twin quartz models.
[color=black][size=medium][font=Times]While quartz based watches are extremely accurate compared to mechanical watches th
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On the Ball
Well, time for a nice thread showing off your varied & storied Ball watches. Here is mine:

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Orient On The Block
It is time for an Orient forum I would say, so I will kickstart it this way - with my own Orient

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Oris on the wrist
No Oris thread? How can that be? It has been spotted in movies (Constantine). It is a solid brand... So, let me present my Oris to start this of. It is a bit quirky, I will give you that (but not contradicting the previous statement that the brand is solid en dependable).

I give you - the Frank Sinatra.

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The Great Seiko Watch Dictionary
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The Great Seiko Family Tree
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The Number Of The Beast
Soon we will reach the number of the beast - twice. You know not which number is referred to? 666 is generally supposed to be significant.. What will happen to the site at that magic number? Will watch satanists flood the fora? Will they show off their devilish watches? More importantly, what brand would it be!?