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Girard-Perregaux On the wrist
Time for a thread on this brand for showcasing purposes. Here is mine gentlemen.

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Grand Seiko or Bust - Getting the cash
Grand Seiko or bust, that is what I have decided! Ironically I had to sell my one and only GS for that - well it is a quartz to be clear and I just wanted to see what coin I would get for it... wouldn't you know it: 330 euro (392 USD) of pure profit, selling it for 1400 euro! Buy low sell high, right? Yeah, so in that vein I decided to capitalize on the idea (which I have been doing for some time now with other watches) and I bought 8 new vintage watches (blowing all my earnings once agai
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The Nomos thread
What do you know - no Nomos thread? So, I will kick this off guys... Everybody seems to think that Nomos is just all the same but I beg to differ. Here is my Orion solar

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Why Does The Seconds Hand On My Quartz Watch Not Line Up With The Markers
I used to wonder why even on high-end quartz watches many times the seconds hand did not stop precisely where it should on the markers. Well, a few years ago, I learned why. It has to do with how most quartz watches are assembled. When the minute hands are placed on the dial, it is often without being properly aligned to any specific "stop" in the movement. Meaning, there is often no relation to the alignment of the hand and the perfection position on the dial for it to line up properly with mar
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Comparing the 0852 King Quartz & 0842 Quartz caliber
From 38 to 08
A serious collector will have dealings with the 08 caliber movement, descendants of the early 38QR quartz movements of the seventies. These movements were divided in the SQ, QT, QR and QZ quartzes. They were the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watches made around 1971-75, while the export models were mostly labelled SQ 2002, SQ 3003 and SQ 4004.
The highest quality and the most expensive of these 38's were the SQ & QT (with tighter specifications - 15s as compared to QR's 2
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The Ultimate Tritium watch: Deep Blue
Well, I can do this too. Here is the Deep Blue thread!

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Seikoshop - the iPhone watch database app
Hi all, your admin has been very busy developing a true to form watch app for the iPhone. No half measures here... I went full out to create a database that would do its thing not only on iPhone, but on iPad and the Mac! You can run a Seiko Emporium - well an "all brand watch shop" actually - with this thing. And I am as you may know - running a webshop...

So, here are some screenshots below. And how would you get this iPhone/iPad/Mac watch app? How much would it cost?

It is free to member
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Alpina All The Way
Time for Alpina I say, and without further a do I present mine... the 1993 chrono. 

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Seiko Advan - glitz for the young
The Seiko Advan as in "advanced design" is a watch typical of the affluent seventies. This mid range innovative watch was targeted at the richer baby boomers of that time but remains in demand with vintage watch collectors right up to the current day and age.
This particular model is of course asymmetric and for that reason alone very rarely seen. It has many features in common with the lower end 5Actus and the higher end King Seiko Vanac, like achieving the glitz, sparkle and light reflections
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The Grand Old JDM watches thread
I think it is about time to entertain a forum with a free for all as far as JDM Seikos and such are concerned. Currently I see a lot of SARBs coming by - especially the Alpinist range, but the SARB033 generates a lot of praise too. It is mentioned as the baby Grand Seiko and I think that is precisely correct! Still there is the Brightz and the Presage line... If you will only show them here gents! I will start it up with this nice video review.

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The grand rip-off aka homage thread
It is rip-off time! Lots of prestigious brands are doing it too, mind you... It can get the innocent buyer a bit exasperated... who got there first? Was it Laco or Steinhart? Or was it Steinhart or Rolex or, or? I will just put a few pics online and you gentlemen can decide for yourself.

This one from the watch memes thread is a worthy first pic...

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Greens for the Alpinist 017
Time for some straps for the green boy - with green.

Would this be too much?


I suppose better than this? These colors do not complement or match!


Hmmm.... maybe.


Oh well, the more I see them the more I think "brown"!


Let me know what you think will you...
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The Seiko battery & accuracy table
Hello all, I thought this was worthy of a separate thread. Without further ado, I present:


That's 32 pages of great Seiko caliber information!
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Going on a trip - and the watch is?
Damn, as a collector it is difficult to decide which watch to wear on a trip. You have choices, right? So I decided to trim it down to just two - one for the day and one for the night...

Criteria are:

Day watch

Takes everything my wrist can
Easily adjustable or flexible steel bracelet

Night watch

Leather band

And the verdict is... Seiko Turtle on Angus Jubilee with Taikonaut ratcheting buckle for daytime and Ball Engineer Master GMT

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Grand seiko - the genesis of a grand watch
Grand Seiko reborn – the genesis of a grand watch

In 1988 the caliber 9581 and the 9587 was Seiko’s first forage into GS territory after the GS brand was abandoned in the early seventies, as the Grand Quartz was in 1980 - but not the Superior.
There are too many GS models to get into here so let us just pay homage to the last of the vintage Grand Seiko - the range of the 56GS series. The 56 contained no “special” or “VFA” examples - but there are 35 different models produced from 1970
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Seiko Chronometers - the birth of Grand Seiko
[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Calibri, sans-serif]Grand Seiko, the model shown below, was originally called the Seikomatic Chronometer and (for the first time) housed an automatic movement running at 19.800bph, the caliber 6200. It was introduced in 1966 but produced already in late 1965. There is some confusion with the other Seikomatics of the sixties, but let’s not forget that Seikomatic merely indicated a contraction of Seiko and Automatic. More on this just below.[/
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Seikomatics of the sixties - ultimate Seiko
Luxury in the 1960s

The first Seikomatic appeared in 1960, austere in design and function, but providing the starting point for a luxury product line that culminated into the early Grand Seiko. Features included waterproof cases, more or less mysterious complications like calendar, slimdate, selfdater and of course an automatic movement fitted with the brilliant magic lever invention, which uses pawls (consider them paws actually) rather than direct gearing between the oscillating roto
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Citizen Chrono Master - "The Citizen"
Some 40 years ago, at the end of the 1960's, the development of Citizen's high end wrist watches was reaching its peak. The launch of the Chrono Master in 1967 came alongside a range of other new models like the Leopard and the Seven Star. The Chrono Master moniker was used for different movements in automatic and hand-winding forms and these were produced until 1972. The standard Chrono Master’s accuracy when launched in the first year was -5 to +10 seconds per day, and two hand wound models we
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The Great Vintage Seiko Retail List
As part of my ongoing Seiko explorations I programmed a Seiko watch database for Mac and iPhone. You have to keep track right? Even so it is overwhelming what Seiko has (had) to offer, so currently I have listed some 300 watches already and it is expanding steadily with no end in sight I imagine. Just check for updates now and then - you will like it as I listed the retail info only, but in fact record everything! 

So, another list is upcoming will every little detail I know on these watches
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The King Quartz value list
Without further ado.. an excerpt from my database. Inflation corrected.