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Preventing Crown Thread Wear
I have several (vintage) watches that suffer from a difficult thread when screwing with the crown (pun intended). You just push the crown in and gently try if it will screw. If there is firm resistance, turn the other way around a bit and try again. Do this repeatedly until the crown will screw on easily at last. Works for me!
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The Seiko Turtle Thread
Time for Seiko Turtles gentlemen, such great watches. I own the Padi Turtle SRPA021, the special edition. It is extremely comfortable for it size, that is, the case, but the steel bracelet not so I am sorry to say. It cuts into my wrist because Seiko did not really put a good bevel on it - it is sharp!
So, after trying the Seiko rubber Z22, which makes the entire ensemble feel like the Nimitz aircraft carrier, I switch to a supple calf strap. I presume it will withstand the occasional splash of
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The Seiko Monster Thread
While I am at it... of these four I only kept one. Guess...

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The Seiko SKX Thread
Author: PaltryJack - Replies: 45 - Views: 28371
Rolex Reminiscence Thread
Hey guys, strangely this thread is missing. But I do want see all your Rolexes of the past and present. People seems to think that Rolexes are limited to certain models and variations, but is my contention that this brand offers as much variety as any other brand...

Here is mine - the Rolex Hulk. Not my best shot, but good enough I think.

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The Nomos thread
What do you know - no Nomos thread? So, I will kick this off guys... Everybody seems to think that Nomos is just all the same but I beg to differ. Here is my Orion solar

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Aviator watch Thread
Finally an Aviator Forum - thanks admin for granting the request. So let me kick this off with my own aviator watch, the German Zeno...

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Seiko Alpinist super thread
Ok, it is an ambitious plan, but I intend to gather and collect all Alpinist data in here. So, it would be nice of you gents to contribute! For instance you might post some strap options or bracelet choices. I can already share that the bracelet from the Alpinist SARB015 fits the SARB017...

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The Grand Old JDM watches thread
I think it is about time to entertain a forum with a free for all as far as JDM Seikos and such are concerned. Currently I see a lot of SARBs coming by - especially the Alpinist range, but the SARB033 generates a lot of praise too. It is mentioned as the baby Grand Seiko and I think that is precisely correct! Still there is the Brightz and the Presage line... If you will only show them here gents! I will start it up with this nice video review.

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The grand rip-off aka homage thread
It is rip-off time! Lots of prestigious brands are doing it too, mind you... It can get the innocent buyer a bit exasperated... who got there first? Was it Laco or Steinhart? Or was it Steinhart or Rolex or, or? I will just put a few pics online and you gentlemen can decide for yourself.

This one from the watch memes thread is a worthy first pic...