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Where to buy watches
We got a snappy admin, all my good posts get moved and turned into sub-forums. So let's try another: over the years I figured out where to buy my watches. I will share that with you (well, maybe I'll keep a few sites to myself), maybe you will share some with me.

Go local, as in national (handy if you know your languages) go to Ebay Kleinanzeigen - Germany of course.
Check out Hong King and Singapore watch sites, like [url=https://www.skywatches
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Omega Watches Continues to World Wide Fame
This author knows his stuff: Patrick Bedford

With impeccable precision and high quality designs, Omega watches continue to be one of the most recognizable watches in the world.
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The Speedmaster parade - from first to last
Hey guys, I would like to try and present a simple parade of the basic Speedmasters as they were produced the last decades. I will do my research and present in the next post of this thread.

1958 - The first Omega Speedmaster CK2915 Broad Arrow. What a beauty!

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...04f99.jpeg]

1959 - The second Omega Speedmaster CK2998.

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...783b3.jpeg]
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It is hot! What to wear?
Hi all, it is scorching hot over here. Well, actually is is like a tropical jungle - and I find that a lot of watches become unwearable right now. Except for my Ball GMT (yes, the same one as Seikoman).


So, what are you wearing in very hot weather?
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Guide to buying at auctions
Buying watches online is the thing to do nowadays. It gives you easy access, price comparison and history. Let me explain.
[size=small][font=Verdana]First we must establish that the hunt for a watch is easier if you know exactly which brand and model you want. A personal decision of course which no-one should question. But, some good questions should be asked before starting out - such as why do you want a watch? What will its purpose be? What’s most impo
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How to embed videos..
Hi guys, just click the video button and choose your source (youtube) then paste the link as it appeared in your browser window..

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Aged to perfection
The tropical dial - a value proposition?

Let us first establish a few rules shall we, before we dive into this veritable minefield. Because of some very notable auction pieces, which sold for astronomical prices, any aged dial with patina is scrutinized for its tropical properties.

A dial is considered tropical when

[align=justify][font=Helvetica Neue]1) It has faded naturally to a di
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Prelude to the Alpinist
There is little debate over which is the summit of Seiko's sub branding. The Laurel brand is the oldest of the Seiko sub brands, the 1913 Laurel watch did not even feature the word Seiko. The Alpinist then is the second oldest Seiko sub brand. Why do these two have to be mentioned in the same paragraph? Well... The watch that started it all is known as the “Seiko Laurel Alpinist,” which operated on a 17 jewel hand wound movement and came in two colours, black and cream.


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How to choose a leather strap
Big watches

Just jotting some thought on digital paper here. I noticed that not all watches can handle the same straps and I not talking strap sizes here. Heavy watches for instance will generally not sit too well on the wrist with a supple calf strap unless the watch itself can "hold its own" like the Seiko Turtle, which can glue to the wrist.
Most big watches however need a sturdy, bracelet like strap that will hold to the shape of the wrist and not "flow smoothly". Watch straps tha
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All Favre-Leuba watches seem to be in/from India?
I have a nice Favre Leuba watch myself and was trying to find some more for my watch collection, however on the E bay they all seem to be from india, with bright faces...
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Things to do before you spring for that new watch
Things to do before you spring for that new watch

From one victim to another, I would like to share my experience of cognitive dissonance when it comes to getting yourself that new watch - be it a shining new piece from a store or a vintage piece from off the shelf, virtual or otherwise.  
With the following, I hope to save you from a bit of remorse when you hit home. For who's to say we're not addicted more to the sensation of getting something new than owning that piece of mechanica
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Where to buy Chinese watches - cheap!
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Auctions going to pot..
Damn what a day! All my prospects at auction ging south - I see prices skyrocketing with a red Tesla roadster on top! Just hoping that they will do a reentry soon. I was using Collectionist's watch app database and that really gave me a grip on things, including the ability to predict the actual cost of the watch getting to my doorstep. I wasn't worth it because I regularly flip them to get onto greener pastures..

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How much are you willing to lose flipping watches?
Nobody likes to lose. But losing is quite inevitable for most watches that you will own. Still, is there a limit untill you will just keep it? Old watches which are purchased correctly can be very good investments, they say...

Whats your limit? 50%? 60% Mine is like 20%!