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Vintage Seiko watch finds
Sometimes you come across the craziest timepieces. Like this one. It's Alba but it is Seiko.
[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...98150c.jpg]

For the record, I did not buy it. It is too far out there.
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Why are all vintage KQ and GQ bracelets different?
I swear, once your vintage King Quartz has a broken band you are up shit creek. I mean, all my vintage Seiko KQ bands are different! Just try getting the missing links or even another one.
Yeah, that happened to me. Eventually I found a replacement bracelet on line (I think), with the trash KQ watch still attached. Now it is incoming. Think it will fit?

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...aa57a0.jpg]
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Seiko Vintage Watch Catalogues
I have got a load of these catalogues to help me understand the Seiko world... And it is a strange world.


Not sure about these big uploads so I'll take it easy..




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Service your vintage watch!
I just got this picture back from my watchmaker:

From the outside this watch looked great and ran ok:

His words:
[i]The only one I had problems with was the 8325 Seikomatic R on which the case was rusted and wouldn't open, even with my bench mounted opener. I was about to give up on it but it finally 'cracked' and as you'll see in the two additional pictures, it wasn't a pretty sight! Thankfully the movement was unaff
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Vintage Chinese
We can laugh all we want, but the fact remains that the Chinese made some staggering inventions. I don't know about their contribution to horology but I imagine it is there.

So, show me your Chinese vintage!
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Vintage Chinese watches
Well I took up the challenge, seeing if there is something to Chinese horology - and there is! This below is from a Wiki page...

[color=#252525][size=medium][font=Helvetica]Wristwatches have been manufactured in the People's Republic of China since 1955, and despite the popular association of China with counterfeit goods and low-quality clones of Western products, the nation in fact has a [url=http://chinesewatchwiki.net/History_of_Chinese_watchmakin
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The Elka watch
Hi guys, I found an interesting article on early dutch watchmaking, in which Rolex is mentioned as just an upstart new brand... This is written in Dutch by the way.

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Vintage watches are ideal for women
I will make this short and sweet, just like my lovable real life self. I found that vintage watches, which are usually sized at 34 to 36 mm, are just perfect for my wrist. They are also perfect for my wallet as I can get them cheaply, they do make a lovely combo with any leather strap you  might choose. So, vintage is unisex!
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Mao Teacher watch
It says in Chinese "Commemorating 100 years birthday of Mao Zedon 1893 to 1993", meaning this is almost vintage. Too bad it is such a bad Rolex knock off ...

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Service your vintage watch
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Anker Vintage Watches
I was thinking that there is more to this brand than most of you gentlemen think. I propose collecting a few models in this thread to get a perspective on the brands variety...

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Seiko Recraft series - vintage reborn
The Recraft series is all about bold design, with much better finish and materials than one might expect for this price point around 200 USD… So where does this particular Seiko Recraft cut corners? Well, for one, both the crystal and the exhibition case back are mineral, not sapphire. The movement is the venerable 7S26 – a 21 jewel mechanism that was featured in numerous Seiko models for many decades, both entry level and mid-tier. It was not always my favorite Seiko caliber - depending on accu
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The Great Vintage Seiko Retail List
As part of my ongoing Seiko explorations I programmed a Seiko watch database for Mac and iPhone. You have to keep track right? Even so it is overwhelming what Seiko has (had) to offer, so currently I have listed some 300 watches already and it is expanding steadily with no end in sight I imagine. Just check for updates now and then - you will like it as I listed the retail info only, but in fact record everything! 

So, another list is upcoming will every little detail I know on these watches
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Seiko Vintage Watch Catalog Legend Translated
Without further ado.. I had some fun translating this legend of the 1996 Catalog. it should help understanding the watches listed therein.

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Vintage Oris adds
Just found this in the Basel World fair bulletin of 1955... Enjoy your Oris!