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Where to buy watches
We got a snappy admin, all my good posts get moved and turned into sub-forums. So let's try another: over the years I figured out where to buy my watches. I will share that with you (well, maybe I'll keep a few sites to myself), maybe you will share some with me.

Go local, as in national (handy if you know your languages) go to Ebay Kleinanzeigen - Germany of course.
Check out Hong King and Singapore watch sites, like [url=https://www.skywatches
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Omega Watches Value and Benefits
Found a nice article by Patrick Bedford

[size=large][b][font=Times New Roman]Omega watches are known for retaining their value for a long time. Each new Omega movement has to pass extensive standards. The movements are tested in existing Omega watches, and, at the same time, various lab examinations are conducted to verify the movement's ability to resist
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Omega Watches Continues to World Wide Fame
This author knows his stuff: Patrick Bedford

With impeccable precision and high quality designs, Omega watches continue to be one of the most recognizable watches in the world.
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Russian watches are dirt cheap - but any good?
Well yes! I just got me a Luch 2209 from the 70s. That movement inside is just 3 mm thick. This hand winder is pretty accurate too.


But, to just get into more detail, below you can read more about some - not all - Russian watches; central will be the most frequently asked question, "Are they any good?” I will try to write a short guide. 

First of all, in many cases don't expect a level of finish/construction higher than Swiss (or Swiss-branded) watches. Russian watches
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Teen watches
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Expected watches (returned from watchmaker)
I expect the following watches back from my watchmaker in the second week of july.
Movement pictures only for now.   Tongue 


Updated the post with the movement from a King Seiko 5246-6000:
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The most robust watches are quartz
As the title states, quartz is way more robust than purely mechanical watches. The less moving parts the better right?
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Hand wound watches should be wound every day
This is a serious question, and I am curious as to the opinions of you gentlemen...
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Documentaries on Tourbillon watches
I kind of like the documentary styles clips on watches.

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What do you know - Russian watches are the new collectibles
It is my firm belief that this is now an open field for collecting vintage watches from Russia...
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Accurate Time System Casio watches (ATS)
Well, we are all slowly being ushered into the smartwatch age by several brands - you just can't stop this. But then, it all started with quartz and lcds in the seventies and do you own any of those? Of course you do.
So, there you go, make the one extra step... I am liking the Edifice series.. solar, Bluetooth smartphone link for the ATS, WR and chrono. Maybe a bit expensive at 300 USD?

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Vintage Chinese watches
Well I took up the challenge, seeing if there is something to Chinese horology - and there is! This below is from a Wiki page...

[color=#252525][size=medium][font=Helvetica]Wristwatches have been manufactured in the People's Republic of China since 1955, and despite the popular association of China with counterfeit goods and low-quality clones of Western products, the nation in fact has a [url=http://chinesewatchwiki.net/History_of_Chinese_watchmakin
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Radio controlled watches overview
After doing some research I found that there are not many brands that offer these atomic time watches, let alone the different time zones like Europe, Asia, America etc.. And then there are different terminologies used - multi band atomic time, radio controlled being just two of them.

So lets start the list; I found several less established brands to be easily found: EurochronPrecision, Bering, Maximilian, Braun, Danish Design and Skagen; of course
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White Hare watches
Michael Remerich... 

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Watches are an investment
Yeah, that is the idea isn't it? Flippin' and tripping' on watches... Oh, did I say investment? I meant addiction.
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The tritium watches price chart
In this shortlist I propose to itemize the tritium watches by lowest price rounded to the next "tenner" - that may make it easier to pick one. Some may be cheaper!

1 - Pollmann - 40 euro
2 - Smith & Wesson - 60 euro
2 - Carnival - 75 euro
3 - Firemark - 200
4 - Traser - 250
4 - Epoch - 250
5 - Luminox - 300 euro
5 - Reactor - 300 euro
5 - Tawatec - 300 euro
6 - Dievas - 340 euro
6 - Nite Icon 353 euro
7 - Vostok - 550 euro
7 - Nite Icon - 600 euro
8 - Ball - 1500 euro
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Vintage watches are ideal for women
I will make this short and sweet, just like my lovable real life self. I found that vintage watches, which are usually sized at 34 to 36 mm, are just perfect for my wrist. They are also perfect for my wallet as I can get them cheaply, they do make a lovely combo with any leather strap you  might choose. So, vintage is unisex!
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Ball watches for women
What I do like about Ball is that they always include a female sized watch for many of their models, like the Fireman. Shouldn't they be just called "Firewoman" - I am sure there are ladies present in the firemen corps right?

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Sea-Gull retrograde watches
The reversal of time becomes reality


Retrograde mechanism refers to jumping back to the starting point after having reached the end, making its movement a reciprocating motion different from the common circular motion.
Traditional watches always move in a circle around the center point. As early as 1794 Abraham-Louis Breguet made a pocket watch with retrograde date display. E. Koehn exhibited his own retrograde second hand patent in 1892. Ever since 1903 when Giov
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Watches 101 - The Hairspring
Hi all, I found some videos on mechanical watches and what makes them tick. I will share with you.. This one brings you along to a very secret workshop run by Bovet where they manufacture the most strategic component of any mechanical watch: the hairspring.